Gas barbecue with support from stove

Gas barbecue with support from stove

With the addition of the bowl to the base of support we have a real kitchen.

There is the possibility of having 1 or 2 Fires include in Stainless cover.

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Support with barbecue cooker

Airone Barbecue

The series as a support offers the advantage of portability, thus lends itself to the fixed kitchen under a veranda, at PICNIC Sunday or is the solution OPTIMUM CAMPING. The variant with a stove provides the ability to have a full kitchen with which to fry or bake the dough. The side burner 1 or 2 fires is inclusive of cover Steel. Smooth base plate. There is also the possibility of having the Rigata plate with a small surcharge. All Barbecue Heron models are available in the DELUXE version with special anti-scald insulation. HERON Barbecue cooking plate in stainless steel, 365 days a year. The plate should be in the temperature in 7 minutes and bake various foods from 1 to 8 minutes. Practical, fast, dietary senz oil cooking, always tastes even intact in the event of simultaneous firings of more foods. WATCH THE VIEDO !!!

1.123,40 €   1.370,00 € VAT included

I strongly support the series by adding 1 or 2 Fires
1 Fire 3.6 kw
2 Fires 2.7 kw

The side burners include cover Steel